A. ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005 CLL is accredited on ISO/IEC 17025 for testing as well as calibration. This accreditation is granted by National Accreditation Board of Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL - Department of Science & Technology), India .

 1.                   ISO/IEC 17025 - Testing                                                          

a.      Biological Testing

b.      Chemical Testing

c.      Mechanical Testing 


 2.                   ISO/IEC 17025 - Calibration 

a.      Electro-Technical Calibration

b.      Mechanical Calibration

c.      Thermal Calibration 


B. Food & Drugs Administration ( India )                                                               

                                                    i.     Central Laboratory at Indore (Validity Certificate)

                                                    ii.    Central Laboratory at Indore (Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani)

                                                    iii.   Branch Laboratory at Baroda *

                                                    iv.   Branch Laboratory at Vapi *

                                                    v.    Branch Laboratory at Panchkula *

                              Note: (*) Email to respective laboratories for more recent copies


C. USFDA (Email to for more details)


D. Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), India


E. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), India


F. Export Inspection Council (EIC), India


G. AGMARK, India

H. Apeda (Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority)

I. Gold & Silver Assaying & Hallmarking Center (approved by Bureau of Indian Standards) (Email to for more details)


In addition, we have several other industry sector / activity specific approvals.

For current copies of certificates and scope, please email us at .


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