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Contract Laboratory Services (CLS) > Pharmaceutical Analysis >> Cleaning Validation

CLL provides analytical support to your cleaning validation projects

Cleaning Validation can be used to test for manufacturing residues, disinfectant and disinfectant metabolites, chemicals, solvents, by-products, degradants, and microbial contaminants.  CLL provides analytical support to your cleaning validation projects through on-site project specific teams, as well as laboratory analysis of samples collected.

Surface Sampling or Rinse Solutions methods maybe used depending on the equipment / process.

TOC is one of the parameters used to detect contamination post-cleaning/disinfecting activity. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis is a rapid & reliable way to check efficacy of cleaning validation projects. Apart from TOC, we also analyze samples on LC-MS/MS or GC-MS for Cleaning Agent / Disinfectant / Manufacturing Residues.

Our cleaning validation report will inform you of the effectiveness of the cleaning procedure.


A pre-cursor to Cleaning Validation is the Disinfectant Validation. Using the Challenge Method or the Dilution Method, we can ascertain pre- & post- application bio-loads. Various standard methods from AOAC, USP, and BP are available to check for the efficacy of Disinfectant Validation. CLL’s integrated team provides a smooth change-over from Disinfectant Validation to Cleaning Validation.

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