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Contract Labortory Service > Food & Beverage Analysis
(earlier Agro & Agro Derivatives Section) CLL’s Agro & Agro Derivatives' Analysis Division offers the following services to the Agro & Agro Ancillary businesses: Click on the following to preview some of our services (pdf files):

v      CLL's Alcohols / Alcoholic Beverages Analysis Services v      CLL's Food Products Test-List v      CLL's Dairy Product's Services v      CLL’s Milk & Milk Products Analysis as per EIC norms v      CLL's Shelf-Life Studies in Food & Beverages v      CLL’s Spices & Extracts Services v      Water Analysis (Potable Water, Raw Water, Water for food processing industry, Packaged Drinking Water, Natural Mineral Water etc.)

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CLL Services By Analyte / Test Group

1.   Agrochemical (Pesticide) Residues Analysis 2.   Antibiotic Residues Analysis 3.   Banned Dyes Analysis (including Sudan Dyes) 4.   Health Claims Verification for Dietary Supplements / Special Needs Food  
5.   Food Grade Certification for Food Additives 6.   Food Grade Certification for Packaging Containers 7.   Microbiological Analysis 8.   Heavy / Toxic Metals Analysis 9.   Proximate Analysis 10. Nutritional Evaluation & Labelling Services (including Trans-Fats & Cholesterol   Determination) 11. Natural Toxins Analysis (Mycotoxins)  

Products Analyzed & Certified by CLL

Analysis of Agro Produce (Foodgrains)
Grains, Pulses  etc.

Analysis of Sea-Food
Fresh, Frozen, Canned or Cooked Food

Fruits & Vegetables Analysis

Analysis of Agro Produce (F & V)
Fruits & Vegetables - Fresh / Dehydrated / Canned

Water Analysis

Analysis of Watre 
Potable water, Water for use in food processing industries, Packaged Drinking Water, Natural Mineral water etc. 

Spices Analysis

Analysis of Agro Derivatives
Sugar, Tea, Miscellaneous Flours, Spices, Fruit Pulps, Oils

Animal Feed Analysis

Cattle Feed & Supplements / Mixtures

Milk & Milk Products Analysis

Analysis of Milk & Milk Products
Raw Milk, Skimmed Milk Powder & Milk Substitutes, Infant Formulae, Butter, Ghee, Cheese, Whey, Yoghurt, etc.

Poultry Products Analysis

Analysis of Poultry Products
Eggs, Poultry Feed etc.

Processed Food / Ready to Eat Food Analysis

Analysis of Processed Foods
Ketchup, Pickles, Jams, Ready-To-Eat Foods etc.

Analysis Facilities for Other Agro Ancillaries / Derivatives
  • Colours and Food AdditivesFertilizersPesticidesPreservativesSoil
  • Flavours & Frangrances

We also provide analysis services as per test procedures provided by clients / AOAC / AACC / Food Chemicals CODEX / AOCS.


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