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Contract Laboratory Services (CLS) > Pharmaceutical Analysis >> Residual Solvents Analysis / Organic Volatile Impurities

From 1 st July 2007, USP ( United States Pharmacopoeia) has made it mandatory for Residual Solvents to be determined in all USP products. CLL is well-geared to assist industry to meet this requirement.  


Residual Solvents (Identification, Quantification, Confirmation)  


Residual Solvents in Raw Materials, Formulations, & Excepients.  


Other industry segments: Dry Powders, Liquids, Suspensions, Cement, Agrochemicals, Dairy, Food Additives, Cosmetics, Precious Metals & Stones, Minerals, Toners, Paints/Pigments etc.


Perkin Elmer Clarus 500 (TurboMatrix HS Autosampler with Headspace / Purge-n-Trap, Detectors: FID / PID / MS connectivity),

Shimadzu AOC 2000 (with automated sample preparation) 
(6 GC-HS instruments)


USP, BP, IP, EP, JP, CP, Client Specifications  

Click here for More information on ICH Q3C Guideline on Residual Solvents. 

We also carry out Residual Solvents / OVIs METHOD DEVELOPMENT & VALIDATION AS PER ICH guidelines.

 To request for residual solvents analysis, write to us at .


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