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People are the driving force in every organization. More so in case of a service firm.

Last year, CLL provided its services to more than 1,000 customers world-wide. Driving this accelerated growth is a hard-working people-force of 200+ CLL personnel. They are young (The average age in CLL is below 30 years). They are determined. And they have a huge appetite for learning. Mostly from the University town of Indore, these graduates undergo a rigorous six month training at our lab. Once inducted, continuous training programmes take over - both internal as well as external. And finally the long painful process of getting these qualified personnel approved as FDA, BIS, MoEF - whatever their respective fields demand.

In fact, one thing that we are quite known for is our excellent human resource pool. So much so that the surrounding companies keep playing bait to our experienced staff. Though it is quite a nuisance at times, it also does us proud when they are recognized and accepted in regional companies, and multinationals alike.

Serving a broad spectrum of customers, such as ours (for more details check out our clients list.), requires constant adaptive ability, and a sixth sense.


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