About Us > CLL’s Corporate Philosophy (Vision):

CLL is committed to providing timely and high standards of quality services & solutions to our customers. Nothing distinguishes an organization more than its vision. For us at CLL our vision is:

to improve the Quality of Life by assisting organizations achieve extra-ordinary standards of Quality in their products and services’.

This vision statement gives a broader meaning to every activity carried out at CLL. An independent drug analysis does not just help pharmaceutical companies to release the drug to the market and meet FDA norms - it also helps save lives. A food products' analysis provides  valuable source of data to government bodies in preventing adulteration - it also helps create consumer awareness. Analysis of Cement and Building materials not only helps the civil engineers in building new structures - it helps a nation to develop its infrastructure. Similarly, when we design Industrial Effluent Systems, we are not just helping industries to meet PCB norms - we help make tomorrow a more livable place.

Our work touches almost every aspect of human life. And every person working in our organization recognizes that. Their work is more than just work. It is a social responsibility.


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